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Landscaping Ideas for the Low-Maintenance Yard

Don’t we all just want to be able to enjoy our backyards without having to care for them around the clock? These low-maintenance landscaping ideas will help you do just that! Create Outdoor Living Spaces Chris & Peyton Lambton The more outdoor space you have to set up patio furniture,...

Graffiti Artist 4

This Graffiti Artist Found Art In An Unexpected Place

Fabian Fischer is a graffiti artist who grew up in Westerwald, Germany and studied design with a focus in communication design. In 2013 he discovered his passion for photography and as part of a communication design seminar with the topic “Fetish” he found art in an unexpected place. After using...

Nail Polish 2

The Secret to Not Getting Nail Polish On Your Skin

Painting your nails at home is a great way to manage your expenses and keep your manicures affordable. But let’s face it, not all of us are professional manicurists. We have a tough time coloring between the lines and not getting polish all over our cuticles in the process. Luckily,...