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Feng Shui 2

The Absolute Worst Feng Shui House Features

As appealing as Feng Shui design can sound, there are many potential flaws with Feng Shui house floor plans, some more serious than others. Mistakes include everything from a bathroom facing the front door to a staircase in the center of a home. You’re going to want to learn to...

Vintage 3

Adding a Vintage Flair to Your Bedroom Walls

Dressing up your bedroom walls with vintage décor adds a little something special that makes your space truly unique. You can tell the entire story of an era simply by choosing the right pieces that encapsulate and embody that era’s ambiance and atmosphere. For those of you who love adding...


Landscaping Ideas for the Low-Maintenance Yard

Don’t we all just want to be able to enjoy our backyards without having to care for them around the clock? These low-maintenance landscaping ideas will help you do just that! Create Outdoor Living Spaces Chris & Peyton Lambton The more outdoor space you have to set up patio furniture,...