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Brick Floor Design Ideas

Interior with brick is a new trend in interior decor, which can be used anywhere. The floor of brick gives the old charm and creates an atmosphere of mystery and individuality. The easiest and not particularly expensive variants are: floor under the brick wall paper. It can be colored wallpaper...

Design ideas by Annette Ekjord

Design ideas by Annette Ekjord

The Norwegian designer Annette Ekjord works in his area more than 15 years. His clients are the great European publications, like IKEA, and also magazines like Sköna Hem, Hus & Ham, Bo Bedre and Vtwonen, for whom he designed commercial interiors and residential interiors. He worked like decorator at shootings,...

Decorative concrete 6

Decorative concrete in interior

Concrete in architecture is often associated with the construction of many multi- storey homes.Contemporary architecture today gives designers a tremendous opportunity to use concrete inside.Depending on the concept , concrete may be perfectly smooth surface or reproduce any image of the walls.Decorative concrete structures is one of the most visible...