Fashion handbags spring-summer 2014

Women’s purses are a reflection of the stile and personal taste of the owner. The choice of a purse, can tell a lot for one person, even about hers character and habits. When you choose a purse for an evening or a daily walk, you should pay attention to combine it right with your clothes and shoes.

What kind of purses are in this spring-summer 2014? 

This miniature purses with shorts handles are carrying in your hand, by with the got their name. On the first side, they look very miniature, like you can put only sell phone   in it. You can carry these purses on a walk.

How to organizing- storage  your handbags


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One of the major trends of purses for the season spring-summer 2014 is rough, geometrical shapes.  This trend is relevant for all kinds of purses from miniature to huge. This trend is the reason that purses with round and square shapes are in again.


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Modern bags «Frame Bag» spring-summer 2014. These purses never get out of fashion and they look great with clothes in different colors. They can be made out of natural leather and can be in different sizes.



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Classical handbags. Women that prefer a classical style of clothes should pay attention on the purses with a rectangular model in horizontal or vertical shape with short

handles. These purses are ideal for the office.

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Beach purses. Of course, how can any summer season be without a fashionable, beach purse? This summer 2014 fashionable purses are big spacious beach bags which can be worn in your hand. If you like to look more fashionable you should choose a beach purse that will match your swimsuit suit or the clothes that you ware.


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